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Evolution and growth of BHEL Hyderabad

The Hyderabad Unit of BHEL is located at Ramachandrapuram which is around 30KM from the historic city of Charminar . Foundation Stone of the Plant was laid in 1959 and the production commenced in the year 1965. The Unit was set up mainly to manufacture 60MW and 110MW Steam Turbo Generator sets for State Electricity Boards and also 12 MW TG Sets. From this small beginning, the Ramachandrapuram Unit has been growing steadily in different phases of development and today it caters to a wide spectrum of business in Power, Industry, Transmission, Oil and Gas. It now boasts the largest number of products under a single roof as compared to any of the other BHEL Units.

Phase I

(1959-1970) - Project Implementation & Technology absorption (1959-70)

Phase II

(1971-1978) - Diversification

Phase III

(1979-1985) - Technology upgradation

Phase IV

(1986-1991) - Market orientation

Phase V

(1992-2002) - Adaptation to liberalization

Phase VI

(2003-2012) - Modernisation and Capacity enhancement
| Steam Turbine | Compressor |Electrical Machine | Switchgear | Bowl Mills | Heat Exchangers |
| Lube oil | Oil Rigs | Gas Turbine | Pumps |
Registered Office : BHEL House, Siri Fort, New Delhi - 110049, India.

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