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PCL SERIES(Pipeline Application)

These compressors have been designed to meet the range of flow and compression ratios required by gas transportation stations.

A variety of standard casing sizes are available to cover a wide range of gas flow.

The same casing can house different numbers of impellers to optimize performance in terms of efficiency, compression ratio and operating range.

The compressor casings are made of forged steel to provide maximum material strength and metallurgical stability. Vibration-free operation is assured by positioning bearings at both casing ends which provides the necessary rigidity to the rotor.

Dry gas seals are normally used to prevent gas leakage.

Floating bushing oil seals are also available on request.

The suction and delivery nozzles are generally located opposite each other to meet station layout requirements. Axial inlet is also available when the pressure ratio allows for a single impeller.

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