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Frame 6B is a Single shaft Heavy duty gas turbine split base design for Accessory module and Turbine module . The Fr 6B gas turbine is robust and proven workhorse with high reliability & availability . More than 70 BHEL machines are operating in Utility and industrial application including all Refineries, Petrochemicals & other process industries.

Features of Frame 6B gas turbine are:

  • 17 stage axial compressor
  • 3 stage turbine with 1st & 2nd stage buckets & Nozzles air cooled
  • 10 number Can annular reverse flow combustors.
  • Honey comb seals for 2nd & 3rd stages to improve the efficiency.
  • Accessory base contains starting system, lube oil console, shaft driven accessory gear box driving lube , fuel, hydraulic oil and atomizing air compressor drives
  • Diesel/Motor starting facility
  • Provided with Load gear for Speed reduction .
  • Generator is hot end drive.
  • Completely packaged and factory assembled, tested.

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