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Frame 9E is a Single shaft Heavy duty gas turbine with Split base design for Accessory module and Turbine module. Frame 9E gas turbine systems are designed for high reliable operation with low maintenance and low installed cost. More than 30 BHEL supplied machines are operating in Utility and industrial application which includes 17 machines in overseas segment.

Features of Frame 9FA gas turbine are:

  • 7 stage axial compressor
  • 3 stage turbines with 1st & 2nd stage buckets & Nozzles are air cooled
  • 14 number of reverse flow combustors reverse flow combustors.
  • 3 Bearing machine
  • Accessory base contains starting system, Lube oil console, shaft driven accessory gear box driving Lube, fuel, hydraulic oil and atomizing air compressor
  • Honey comb seals for 2nd & 3rd stages.
  • Motor Starting facility
  • Generator is hot end drive
  • Completely packaged and factory assembled, tested

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