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Portfolio and Chronology
Type and Range
    AC VFD-2000 HP
    AC SCR-3000 HP
    AC SCR-2000 HP
    AC SCR-1400 HP
    AC SCR-760 HP
    Mobile Drilling
Capital Equipment
Sucker Rod Pump
API Certification

The standard AC-SCR 1400 HP Rig package includes:

Mast and sub-structure

Cantilever swing lift type Mast with clear height of 142 ft.

Base width at floor level is 30 ft. Static hook load capacity is 1,000,000 lbs.

Wind load capacity with full pipe set back is 100 mph.

The package includes basic accessories like Racking plat form, Crown block, Ladders, Mast raising and lowering sling lines & Pulleys etc.

DC 1400 HP draw works

Draw works designed for 1400hp input power. It is driven by 2 nos of DC motors which possess superior speed-torque characteristics. The power transmission is through chains & sprockets. Standard DC Draw works carries Drive shafts for the Rotary and Catheads also. The drum is grooved for 1 1/4 wire line. Braking system consists of Eddy current brake as Auxiliary brake and Band/Friction type brake as Main brake.

Travelling Assembly

Travelling Block & Hook rated for 500Ton dead load, PC 425 Swivel with 425Ton dead load rating and 259Ton API bearing rating at 100RPM forms Travelling Assembly.

Mud pumps with DC motors

  • Two nos of 1100PT triplex single acting pumps.
  • Maximum per pump working pressure: 5000 Psi. Rig Electrics

BHEL offer the complete Rig power system consisting of

  • DC-Power Control Room which houses Generator panels for Rig power packs and SCR Drive units for Draw works, Mud pumps and IRD
  • Four nos AC-power packs consisting of 1180 HP, 1500 RPM engines and 1430 KVA, 600v, 3 Phase, 50 HZ, 0.7 PF alternators housed in a completely enclosed acoustic enclosure.
  • MCC house for all Rig accessories  1no.
  • Rig lighting system  1 set
  • Cables & fittings  1 set

Rig Instrumentation

  • The Rig Instrumentation system is intended for real time monitoring of various critical parameters while drilling. The system includes various field sensors, necessary cabling, central server and client work stations.
  • The system is SCADA compatible for data transfer.

Round Bottom Mud tank system

BHEL offers SOBM compatible Mud systems. The system consists of 6 no. of tanks each of 60 Cu.M capacity as mentioned below and 1 no. trip tank.

  • One shaker tank
  • One setting intermediate tank
  • One suction tank
  • Three reserve tanks.

Each tank is equipped with sufficient number of agitators for proper churning of Mud.

Mud system also includes mud preparation system along with standard suite of solid processing equipment namely, Shale shakers, Mud cleaners, Desanders and Degassers.

* Number of tanks and mud capacity can be changed to customers choice.

High pressure mud piping

Includes set of high pressure piping b/w Mud pumps and Gooseneck along with suitable standpipe manifold.

Rig Auxiliary systems

The standard package includes Fuel system and Water system complete with necessary storage tanks and pumping units, Air system complete with compressors and storage vessels.

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