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Industrial Steam Turbines up to 75 MW

  • Energy efficient steam turbines for all industrial need.
  • DComplete range of customized steam turbines for all kinds of steam extraction and Injection requirement.
  • Modular/Building block design concept ensures high flexibility, availability and reliability.

Technical specification

Design Standard: IEC 60045, API 612
Inlet Pressure: 4 ata to 140 ata , Inlet Temperature: 140 °C to 565 °C
Exhaust pressure: Condensing and back pressure up to 55 ata ; Extraction Pressure: 2 ata to 64 ata
Speeds: 3000 rpm to 15000 rpm
Testing capability: Mechanical run test at full speed and no load.
In house auxiliaries Lube oil system.
Driven Machines: Generator, compressor, Axial turbo blower and Boiler feed pump.

3 series Variants

Turbine Type Power output Range speed in rpm Parameter Range
ENG & NG 0.5 TO 45 MW Up to 15000 Straight Back pressure  (or) Extraction back pressure turbines up to 100 ata / 510 °C
ENK & NK 1 TO 65 MW Up to 15000 Condensing (or) Extraction condensing turbines up to 100 ata / 510 °C
EHNG & HNK 1 TO 45 MW Up to 15000 Straight Back pressure  or Extraction back pressure turbines up to 140 ata/540  °C
EHNK & HNK 1  TO  75 MW Up to 15000 Straight condensing or extraction condensing turbines up to 140 ata/540 °C
HG 0.5 TO  20 MW Up to 15000 High inlet (140 ata/565°C) and High Back pressure up to 55 ata turbines 


Industries: Petroleum & Refinery, Fertilizer, Sugar, Chemicals, Steel, Metal, Paper, Cement and Biomass etc.
Services: Condensing, backpressure, Injection Condensing, Injection back pressure, Extraction condensing, Extraction back pressure, double extraction condensing and Injection-extraction condensing Turbine.

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