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Two cylinder Reheat Steam Turbines up to 200 MW

  • Energy efficient steam turbines for all industrial need.
  • Complete range of customized steam turbines for all kinds of Extraction and Injection steam requirement.
  • Reheat steam turbines with improved efficiency.

Typical cross section of double casing (HP-IP + Double flow LP Turbine) reheat machine

Typical cross section of double casing (HP + IP-LP Turbine) reheat machine

Technical specification

Design Standard: IEC 60045
Inlet Pressure: Up to 150 ata
Inlet Temperature: Up to 565 °C
Speeds: 3000 rpm, Power output: up to 200 MW
In house auxiliaries: Lube oil system.
Complete turbine assembly at BHEL works
High pressure governing system for better control.
Driven Machines: Generator

Two casing Reheat machines

Turbine Type Power output Range speed in rpm Parameter Range
Reheat 70 TO 200 MW 3000 Up to seven bleeds for feed heating possible and inlet up to 150 ata/565 °C


Industries: Petroleum & Refinery, Chemicals, Steel and Metal etc.
Services: Reheat Condensing and Extraction Reheat condensing turbine

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