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BHEL manufactures a complete range of centrifugal compressors for all major compression applications. They are used in oil & gas production, gas transportation, fertilizers, refinery and petrochemical industries, fuel gas boosting and other similar processes. Our erstwhile licensor GE holds the record for centrifugal compressor applications having designed and manufactured the first high pressure compressor for ammonia and urea plants, the most powerful compressors for offshore applications (over 30,000 HP) and re-injection compressors with delivery pressures as high as 10,000 psi(700 bar).
Specific requirements are met by custom configuring each compressors using standardized advance technology components proven over a wide range of process conditions. This approach delivers reliable, high performance compressors for natural gas, fertilizers, refinery, petrochemical, and newer applications. Skilled staff of local engineers and technicians provides on-site technical support for installation, commissioning , overhaul, repair and maintenance of our equipment. Steam turbine, Gas turbine, Electric motor and VFD Systems can be provided for driving the compressors.
BHEL can provide complete solution involving Driver, Compressor, Heat Exchangers, Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation, erection and commissioning, civil works.

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