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Electrical Machines group in BHEL Hyderabad manufactures Turbo Generators of 3 MW to 270 MW Utility and Industrial sets for Gas, Coal and Nuclear based Power Plants. These turbo-generators along with excitation systems are supplied matching to steam / gas turbines which are mostly used in Paper, Sugar, Steel, Metallurgical, Mining, Cement, Refineries & Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Textile industries etc. Turbo generators are designed and manufactured according to the applicable national & international standard stipulations and customer requirements with best manufacturing practices. The turbo generators are based on the proven design know how backed by over five decades of experience gained by BHEL

BHEL had collaboration with SKODA Exports Czechoslovakia in 1960's for manufacturing generators. Later BHEL has entered in to collaboration with M/s. Siemens, Germany (earlier KWU - Kraft Werk Union) in the year 1976 and is active till 2026. Making use of these design philosophies inherited from two renowned collaborators over the years for both air and hydrogen cooling applications, BHEL-Hyderabad reorganized itself for synthesizing the design features to bring standardization. Knowledge based engineering initiatives taken up by the Electrical Machines division brought comprehensive design automation that reduced the design cycle time, enabled us at the same time to bring out the most optimized generator design for a given generator specification. These initiatives also ensured BHEL to be ready to offer any generator rating, within the manufacturing range.

BHEL Hyderabad is the first to introduce the latest state-of-the-art insulation system called Global Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (GVPI) system in entire Asia. Keeping abreast of the latest development in insulation systems to optimize the design, BHEL Hyderabad has installed the Micalastic system of insulation.

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