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The basic features of centrifugal compressors supplied by BHEL are :

  • Design as per API 617
  • Process connections can be upward or downward
  • Usage of 3-D Impellers for higher efficiency
  • Gases handled are CO2, Syn gas, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, H2S, Natural gas, Ammonia, Inert gas, Propylene , Air, Coke oven gas etc.
  • Lube oil and seal gas system are as per API 614
  • Dry gas Sealing system as per API 692/614
  • Optional tests such as Full load Full speed Full pressure ( FLFSFP), performance test can be performed
  • Complete unit (String test) test with job drives Gas Turbine , Steam turbine or Motor can be performed
  • Gas Turbine , Steam turbine or Motor (with VFD & Hot standby VFD) can be offered as Drivers
  • TSI System and Anti-surge controller are as OEM/customer requirement

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