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Turbo Generator Construction Features

1. Base frame to support the bearings with the rotor and the generator stator 5. Bearing assembly
2. Stator core assembly along with core suspension system 6. Enclosure is a part of ventilation circuit designed as per acoustic requirements
3. Stator winding insulated by using the proven epoxy-mica (MICALASTIC) system produced by the Global Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (GVPI) process 7. Cooler
4. Rotor comprises shaft and coupling, rotor winding, rotor end-bells and axial fans 8. Excitation is either Brushless or Static

The international standard IEC 60034 is basis for the generator design. Furthermore, the generators are constructed in compliance with the harmonized standards according to standard stipulations. The generator is equipped with appropriate cooling system for stator and rotor windings. The insulation system is designed to withstand class F but limited to class B temperatures. Rotor is supported by bearings on either side of the generator. Coupling flange is provided on turbine side of the rotor. The degree of protection for generator is IP 54. The heat generated inside the turbo generator are dissipated through primary coolant.

The field current is supplied to the rotating rotor through an exciter arranged at the non-drive end in case of brushless excitation system. The electrical connection between the rotating rectifier bridge of the exciter and the rotor winding is established by means of radial bolts and conductors located in the hollow bore of the rotor at the exciter end. The silicon rectifier set is designed as a 6-pulse bridge circuit. Whereas in case of static excitation system, slip rings along with on-load brush changing gear are provided to supply the generator field current.

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