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Modern Manufacturing Facilities

Rotor Slotting machine

Max. Weight of job: 100 Ton
Max. dia of job: 1.8 m
Max. length of job: 15 m
Max. centre height: 2.035 m

CNC Centre lathe for TG Rotor machining

Max. Weight of job: 80 Ton
Max. dia of job: 1.8 m
Max. length of job: 12 m
Max. centre height: 1.1 m
Chuck dia: 1.4 m
Swing over bed (SOB): 2.2 m

Stator bar Transposition Machine

Max. trasposition: 540ᵒ
Type of conductor: Solid / Hollow / SS tubes
Max. length of job: 12 m
Max. conductor cross section: 4x15 / 6x10x1.8 / 6x10x1.8

Six axis taping machine

Max. Weight of job: 175 kg
Max. insulated cross section of winding bar: 60x140 sq. mm
Max. straight length of winding bar: 8.7 m
Max. length of winding bar incl. overhang: 11 m

Eclectically heated CNC hydraulic press

Max. stator bar cross section: 40x130 sq. mm
Max. pressing length of job: 8.4 m
Max. overall straight length of bar: 12.2 m
Max. closing of the chamber: 190x350
Pressing force: Horizontal  30 Ton; Vertical  20 Ton
Operating pressure: 180 bar
Max. heating temperature: 200RC

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant

Inside dia of tank: 4.9 m
Length of cylinder: 9 m
Max. weight of job: 225 Ton
Resin storage capacity: 60,000 litres

Vacuum Balancing Tunnel (BT)

Old BT: 8 T, 15000 RPM
New BT: 50 T, 6000 RPM
125T BT: 125 T, 4500 RPM

Fully equipped test facility (up to 270 MW Hydrogen Cooled Generator)

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