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With the knowledge & experience gained over the years with various design philosophies, BHEL-Hyderabad can design and manufacture Air cooled/ Hydrogen cooled Generators up to 270 MW capacity to suit to customers requirement and in accordance with relevant standards.

BHEL is now fully geared up to refurbish/ retro-fit/ repair by extending necessary engineering assistance to various customers including non-BHEL make sets.

The vast reference list and successful operation of the various Turbo-Generators supplied is a testimony of BHEL's performance. Following are few mile stones:

  • Spares support within short delivery
  • BHEL Hyd. has the capability to Refurbish/ Retrofit any Non-BHEL make Generators up to 300 MW
  • GE make Fr9FA GTG Rotor Refurbishment for Dhabol Power Station
  • Parson make 60 MW Generator Retrofit at CESC with same footprints
  • GE make 62.5 MW Rotors Refurbishment
  • Siemens make 33 MW TG Retrofit for Shriram Vinyl, Kota
  • Refurbishment of 30 MW rotor for Malaysia

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