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Testing (up to 270 MW Hydrogen Cooled Generator)

BHEL Hyderabad is equipped with all modern test facilities including data loggers and signal analyzers to carryout tests as specified by IEEE-115, IEC 60034, IS-7132 & IS-7306. Facilities for maintaining rated hydrogen pressure in case of hydrogen cooled generators are also available.

Following are the routine tests generally carried out on all the generators

  • Over speed test of rotor before assembly at 120% rated speed for 2 minutes in balancing tunnel as in-process test
  • Measurement of Capacitance and tan δ of stator winding as in-process test
  • Mechanical run and measurement of mech. losses & vibrations at rated speed
  • Measurement of mech. losses, short circuit characteristic up to 100% In & Cu. losses
  • Measurement of mech. losses, open circuit characteristic up to 120% En & core losses
  • Evaluation of Efficiency by separation of losses method
  • Measurement of shaft voltage
  • Checking of phase sequence
  • Measurement of rotor impedance (rotor inside stator)
  • Measurement of DC resistances of Stator and Rotor Windings in cold condition
  • Measurement of DC resistances and insulation resistance of RTDs
  • Measurement of Polarisation Index of stator winding
  • Measurement of insulation resistance of stator and rotor windings before and after High Voltage test (M/c at rest)
  • High Voltage test of stator and rotor windings (M/c at rest)

Following are the prototype tests carried out on 1st machine of a new design

  • Heat run tests (No load, 110% OCC & 100% SCC)
  • Harmonics in Line-Line voltage
  • 3-Phase sudden short circuit test at 30% En
  • Line to Line sustained short circuit test
  • Line to Line to Neutral sustained short circuit test
  • Retardation test

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