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BHEL gas turbines have been developed over the years based on wide ranging requirements of customers and have following features:

  • Capability to fire wide range of gaseous fuels (Natural gas, Refinery gas, Low BTU gases) and Liquid fuels (Distillate, Naphtha, Kerosene, LCO, Residual heavy fuels like Furnace oil, LSHS, crude).
  • Low exhaust emission levels upto 15ppm of NOx with DLN combustors
  • Suitable for Simple cycle, Combined cycle and Cogeneration cycles applications.
  • Suitable base load, peak load, cyclic load applications.
  • Horizontally split casing for easy maintenance
  • Models below 100 MW are suitable for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz application.
  • Suitable for outdoor / indoor installation
  • Ideally suited for IGCC application.
  • Packaged designs, Shop tested & tuned suitable for shorter Erection and commissioning periods.
  • World's largest experience on Naphtha fired machines.

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