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Type and Range
    AC VFD-2000 HP
    AC SCR-3000 HP
    AC SCR-2000 HP
    AC SCR-1400 HP
    AC SCR-760 HP
    Mobile Drilling
Capital Equipment
Sucker Rod Pump
API Certification
Sucker Rod Pump 'aka' Beam Pumping Unit

In the Upstream Oil Industry, artificial lift means are resorted to extract Oil from wells where formation pressure is not enough for natural lift.

Sucker Rod Pump (SRP) is a common means of artificial lift on onshore wells. Sucker Rod Pump surface unit majorly constitutes of a Beam pumping unit structure and Gear reducer. SRP works on the principle of beam pumping mechanism. Beam pumping unit (BPU) is a machine for translating rotary motion form crank shaft to a linear reciprocating motion for the purpose of transferring mechanical power to a down hole pump. Gear Reducer provides necessary speed reduction from the prime mover (Electric motor) while magnifying the torque to Beam Pumping Unit.

BHEL developed SRP surface units with in-house research and development, delivered sheer performance under extreme site conditions of western fields of ONGCL, Indian Oil & Gas Major.

BHEL-Hyderabad is proud to acclaim that it is the only facility from Indian sub-continent, conferred with API-11E certification for both Beam pumping unit Structure & Gear reducer.

Salient features of BHEL make SRP units

  1. Designed to meet stringent requirements of API standards.
  2. Structure and Gear box are designed for durability with objective of longer life of operation for the Pump unit.
  3. Smooth adjustment of counterweights facilitates fine tuning resulting in energy savings.
  4. The complete Pump package including Electrical motor and drive panels can be offered as per customer requirements
  5. All the SRP units are factory tested for full load performance
  6. High reliability & Top class performance.

BHEL Manufactured "320-256-120" SRP unit in operation at Site

Pumping units offered:

The following are the few of our regular offerings. Pumping unit of any other designation as per API-11E can be manufactured and supplied.

Pump unit designation Gear reduce rating, in-lb (N-m) Structure capacity lb (N)  Max. Stroke Length in. (mm)
160-173-86 160,000 (18,078) 17,300 (76,954) 86 (2184)
228-213-120 228,000 (25,761) 21,300 (94,747) 120 (3048)
320-256-120 320,000 (36,155) 25,600 (113,874) 120 (3048)
456-256-144 456,000 (51,521) 25,600 (113,874) 144 (3658)
456-305-144 456,000 (51,521) 30,500 (135,671) 144 (3658)
640-305-168 640,000 (72,310) 30,500 (135,671) 168 (4267)

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