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Portfolio and Chronology
Type and Range
    AC VFD-2000 HP
    AC SCR-3000 HP
    AC SCR-2000 HP
    AC SCR-1400 HP
    AC SCR-760 HP
    Mobile Drilling
Capital Equipment
Sucker Rod Pump
API Certification

  • We are amongst very few companies in the world to have API-licences for more than 30 years thereby demonstrating strengths of our quality and customer delight.
  • The best quality raw material ensuring rig operational life of 25 years and more.
  • Enhanced and best in class quality product at a cost competitive price.
  • Latest state of the art AC VFD technology available for comfortable and ease in drilling operation.
  • Customizable rig solutions for varying customer requirements.
  • Design automation software for complete analysis of mast and substructure.
  • Highly knowledgeable and qualified after sale support services at just a call away to attend site urgencies.
  • We comply to all the international stringent quality standards in every dimension people ,process , product and service(ISO-9001, ISO-45001)
  • We earn our customer trust from the quality of our products and services and thereby build relations for eternity.

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