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BHEL is provided with state-of-the-art engineering facilities with fully computerized systems for detailed design, preparation of drawings and issue of manufacturing documents for speedy and accurate execution of contracts.

The existing designs are continuously updated to incorporate the latest technological features and to accommodate varying customer needs by an exclusive team of dedicated engineers.

Some of the software facilities available in engineering department are:

AutoCAD, Mechanical Desk Top, etc.

Computer programs for Pumps selection and design strength calculation.

Software packages for 3-D modeling like Unigraphics.


Continuous Research and Product Development is a regular activity in BHEL. There is an interaction with the corporate R&D Centre and also external educational institutes research labs to keep abreast of the latest technological advancement and for further development of products? features to suit the changing trends and needs of the customer.

The major R&D activities include:

  • Development of additional hydraulic designs to cover wider range of applications.
  • Model and Prototype development and testing to establish the developed designs.
  • Mechanical design and Rotor dynamic analysis using FEM techniques.
  • Analysis of suction conditions through cavitation studies using visual and acoustic techniques.
  • Model studies on Cooling water pumps and their flow conditions for the chosen intake configuration.
  • Surge analysis investigations of delivery pipe work systems liable to surge fluctuations.

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