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Testing Facilities

In order to ensure the continued satisfaction of customers regarding the performance of BHEL pumps, prototype pump testing facilities have been installed at the Ramachandrapuram Unit.

The pumps are tested to international standards over their entire operation range to prove their technical suitability and satisfactory performance prior to dispatch.

In-process test

  • Dynamic balancing of rotating components and rotor assemblies.

Routine tests

  • Mechanical performance tests.
  • Hydraulic performance tests over complete range of operation.

Type tests

  • NPSH tests.
  • Hot Water performance tests.
  • Thermal shock tests.
  • Axial thrust measurements.
  • Pressure pulsation test.
  • Vibration analysis.


  • Dynamic balancing facilities.
  • Horizontal pump units for BFP & BP.
  • Vertical pump units for CEP & CWP.
  • Facility to test with oil medium.
  • Electrical drives facility and LT drives facility.
  • Cooling Water Pumps testing facility with twin measuring channel having rectangular weir.

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