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Product Range

BHEL Product Range includes:

  • Straight Back Pressure Turbines
  • Straight Condensing Turbines
  • Extraction Back Pressure Turbines
  • Extraction Condensing Turbines
  • Double Extraction Condensing Turbines
  • Double Extraction Back Pressure Turbines
  • Injection Condensing Turbines
  • Reheat Turbines
  • Drive Turbines for compressors, Blowers, Pumps etc.

The range of parameters encompass a wide spectrum to comprehensively cover all requirements for industry.For a given application and for any desired combination of parameters, a solution is found using a Straight Flow Turbine, a center admission Turbine or a Reheat Turbine, based on power output.

Inlet Pressure 4 ata to 140 ata
Inlet temperature 140 Deg C to 540 Deg C
Extraction Pressure 1.5 ata to 65 ata
Exhaust Pressure Condensing to 45 ata
Speed 3000 to 15000 RPM
Power 3 MW to 150 MW
Drive Machine Generator ,Compressor, Boiler Feed Pump, Blower

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